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I've been a wood mount stamp collector for almost 20 years, and just recently started using cling and polymer stamp. i do like the cling, as i don't loose track of them on my craft table.
Thanks for the chance, would love to add this cute set to my collection!

I love the cling stamps as you can see where you are stamping! I've been buying more of them, though I still own wood-mounted and just the bare rubber.

I like the wood mounted stamps the best. I seem to get the best print out of them. But with space being a premium, the cling rubber stamps are my next choice. I have been buying more of them and prefer them immensely over the clear stamps.

Oh wow, it's gorgeous there, what a beautiful place to live! Amazing projects! I saw this cute penguin on someone's blog last year, and looked all over for it, SO happy it's finally being released! I like my stamps in clear or cling, just as long as they stamp clear images, they take up less room. I'll have to check out that club! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win this CUTE set!

I really prefer the clear stamps. It is much easier to see what you are doing and they aren't so bulky! By the way, I love your designs! I am in PA and traveled to NY for a show where I saw your work for the first time and fell in love with it!!

I have family that used to live in Grants Pass so I know how beautiful it is. I love your penguins too. As for stamps, I like being able to see where I'm stamping with the clear but I tend to have better results with the wood mounted. I haven't tried the cling yet.

I like the clear stamps because they are easier to work with and see what I am doing. You have posted some wonderful ideas as always.

Love this penquin set!! I prefer cling mounted stamps! Wow! Awesome "backyard"!!

Hi Diane, Lol, country living is OK, except for the craft store/Target part of it. When I was in Target last, I bought the last two bags of the chocolate macadamias...and figured they'd be out for awhile. I went in there today and they had about 50 bags of them!!!?!? OHNO! I gotta be good here pretty soon, the holidays are coming! I only bought two of them, I want to make the cookies for some of Dan's real estate clients. Hmmm, hope the bags survive 'till the weekend, I better have Dan hide them and then supervise me making the cookies, lol. I'm telling you, it's out of control! What do they put in those things? Thanks for the input on the stamps!

More great ideas! Yikes, finding it hard to keep up. Was looking at the papers the other day, trying to decide and now, more ideas. Can't decide if I like the penguin or the bear stamps the most, they are both so darn cute. As for the mounting of them, in order, I like wood, cling and then clear stamps. I, too, like the convenience of the wood and the easy way of finding the stamps. Buying more and more of the cling, and a few of the clear. There are way too many cute ideas out there, too many to pick from. Sometimes it would probably be better to live way out in the country, far away from the craft stores and Target (you know what I mean - will make the cookies soon, after the convention this weekend). (lol). Oh yeah, I have the purse templates, they are very cute and easy to make. A "must have".

I like the clear right now, but I get frustrated when they won't stick to my acrylic blocks!

I like clear stamps but I have been buying more cling lately. They seem to me that they will last longer.

Hi Kathy JH, Thanks so much for signing up for Darcie's Club! The next shipment will be going out soon. Thank you for the input, I also like both the Cling and the Polymer for different reasons. I really like the effect of the solid stamps in Polymer.

I use them all! I actually PREFER to stamp with wood mounted stamps, they are handy (don't need to find an acrylic block) and hard to lose They also take up TOO MUCH room and I'VE RUN OUT OF SPACE! LOL! So I have been buying stamps both clear and cling mount. I've tried about every storage system I've heard of and haven't hit on the perfect solution yet... If I had a choice between clear and cling and they were the same price -- I'd probably pick clear -- it is nice to see where you are stamping!

I have a tendency to prefer rubber stamps, but I don't care if they're cling mounted or wood mounted. I've just recently starting working with clear stamps, so I don't think I have enough experience with them yet! Thanks for the chance to win this adorable set!

I prefer Cling I believe they last longer from what I have seen...

Love your backyard! I was just talking with my daughter about the fact that I need to figure out what to do for all of my holiday cards - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I signed up for the Darcie's club a couple of weeks ago when you posted about it and am waiting for that first box! I can't decide between cling or clear stamps. I love them both for different reasons. I no longer buy the wood mounted.

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