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Hi Diane, Yup, I'm doing good, tho I came home with a cold, everyone up there was coughing and sick..... and you're right about the avalanche of fabric. You can't bring rolling carts inside, and I probably had about 80 pounds of "loot" by the end of the day...not so much fun wiggling my way up and down the jam packed aisles with bulging bags. I'm excited to play with it this weekend. I only attended the show on the first day (I wanted to get back down to Portland to see my grandsons, lol), and there were probably 15,000 people there that day. WOW! I think the attendance figures are somewhere between 35,000 and 40,000 people. It's the biggest sewing show in the country and well worth the trip up there. Saw TONS of awesome stuff. Thanks for checking on me! :)

Just checking back to make sure you are "ok" and not buried under an avalanche of material. Even though we walk out of stamping expos with bag after bag of goodies, I am sure that walking out of a sewing expo takes more muscle and coordination. Hope you had a good time.

I have never sewed until it became trendy to sew on your layouts and cards. So I posted a message on a mom's board asking of someone had a machine they didn't want and a very kind lady gave me her husband's ex wives machine they had just sitting around. Lucky me! I'm having a ball with it and plan to make my daughter a summer dress!

When I was younger I made almost all my own clothes and many for my sons, then I started working full-time and sewing was one of those things that just gradually went by the wayside. I still have my sewing machine and hope someday start sewing again. Great stamp set.

I've enjoyed sewing since I was very young after having watched and learned from my mother and grandmother. I've made everything from clothes to bags to window coverings to cute velvet santas during christmas. Love your stamps and papers and am so glad to have found you again. I've been a long time anything Darcie fan! Have fun at the sewing expo!

I do like to sew, but don't do as much except on my paper projects. Ü

I used to do craft shows and made dolls and wallhangings.

Hi Darcie
Besides papercrafting, I am a sewing addict:) Been sewing since I was 7 and my aunts are all professional seamstresses - kinda runs in my blood:) To me they go hand in hand. It's all about the personalization and you can do that with both for gifts. My favorite to sew is purses/totes and baby clothes. You can check my blog (www.dreamscapestudio.blogspot.com) to see just a few of the items I sew.
I only have one other stamp set that is geared to sewing so this one would be a welcome set to my other one. Thanks for the chance to win Darcie. Wish I could go to the Sew Expo - have fun!!!!

So funny that you should ask this Darcie. I got a sewing machine about 1 year ago for sewing on my cards .... which my hubby thought was silly. But over the last year I have started to buy material (so I am a material girl now!) and patters- so I am hoping to start some sewing too! LOL. What I am looking forward to sewing is totes, llittle doodads to start with.

Hi Darcie,
Just popping in here regularly hoping I'll read that the new club kit may be coming out soon? And, I do sew...have pretty much all my life but the last thing I sewed was my outfit for my youngest daughter's wedding...which was three years ago now...wow...time flies...I love material as much as I love paper! And I love making little girl outfits.
Enjoy your time at the expo!

All of your talents amaze me. My sewing days are in the past. When my girls were young, I made their dresses. They were only one year apart, so they got identical dresses. My favorite that I made was the Daisy Kingdom ones. That was a lot of material with the tulle skirts underneath and the bib. I still have them, but they are not in the best of shape as I had borrowed them out a few times. Now, sewing is something that I don't have the patience for. As a matter of fact, I have to sew a button on my daughter's jeans and am procrastinating. Isn't that sad!! I hope you have a good time. Remember that one only had so much room in the craft room for new treasures.

I used to sew - not so much anymore. However, I do have a nice stash of fabric - just in case.... As usual - love the examples - everything is so cute! Love the paper. Enjoy your sewing expo - sounds like you need a good break from everything.

Cute stamp set. Love the cards you made.

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