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Loved meeting you at the Arlington Show, and learning about your web page and your crafts.
Loved looking at all the neat thing on you pages.
Found it very easy to look around.
Thanks for thanking of you customers.
Oh yes and THANK YOU for the cute Make and take...... So easy and cute.

I was soooo excited to learn that you are a quilter also. I can't wait to see what you come up with! This set would make AWESOME fabric.

Thank you for the awesome make it and take it! I would love to win this set!

Your stuff is the absolute best! I would love to own this set of stamps, it makes me smile just looking at it.

Ooooh, I love the acrylic frame. Very nice!

Are you going to be at the Cincinnati show in August? I loved your booth and there were several things I wish I would have bought... I'm kicking myself now! Thank you for the great make n take... my kids loved watching it also.

I bought one of your patterns at Mega Meet and finished the little gift bag tonight. It turned out really cute and thank you for helping me pick out papers for it.

I LOVE THESE PROJECTS!!! Was so happy to finally meet you in Novi, I've enjoyed your products for years.

Like the spring branch --usually all you see is bare branches-and the beads on the string stamps

Sweet Tweets! this is beautiful and the stamp set gets my creative feathers flying, I can't wait till I get trying the blossoms too!

I love spring also! Your booth was my favorite at the show. I love your stamps.

I would love to win this. I met you this weekend at Mega Meet. Thanks for the chance to participate in your drawing.

Was so glad to meet you at the Mega Meet, I hope to see you at the show this weekend! Thank you for the great make it and take it, I bought the CD and played with it yesterday. Turned out awesome!

Loved seeing the booth!

Hey, thanks everyone, I had a blast at CHA.... what a great show, I enjoyed visiting with all of you!

That stamp set is real pretty and I love the colors. Thanks for sharing Darcie.

I love the elegance of this set. It really puts you in the mood for spring. Love your work.

Gorgeous projects!! Your booth was great. I loved seeing something new and different. Can't wait to start making some of these projects!!

I Love your stuff, and this project is no exception..I loved meeting you at the GLMM on Saturday...I was beat, I am sure you were too...Thanks for the chance to win something..

I just heard about your blog at the megameet! I just love the projects on here! Way cool!

What a beautiful set and projects! Thanks for the opportunity.

did the make and take on Friday and loved it! Love the give aways too!

Loved your booth at GLMM! That's how I found your blog. :)

great set - very versatile! Love the tissue box covers - great to incorporate with a get well gift to brighten someone's day.

And, the deadline is on my birthday. Would like to think I am one of the "in between" mom's, not too young, and not old enough to know better. Lots of cute ideas. Did get my card club goodies all put together. The birds are singing here too, but not so much today. Cool and gloomy, send some sunshine here to MN along with your cute ideas. I like what was done with this set, really cute ideas and love the EZ Cutts templates. Better than buying six punches to get the layered look.

I absoutely love the tissue box cover template with all the different sizes. They will make great gifts. Love the stamp set too. As always thank you for sharing.

What great projects - love the shadowbox frame. I also love the idea of using Grunge Paper with the tissue box. Love that template.

these stamps sets are awesome! was at the booth at the adventures in stamping in akron on the 24th and picked up flourish house and love it!! thanks for the opportunity to win a set!

Love the new stamps and the papers are gorgeous!!! Just was popping in here because I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the club kit this go around!!!! And a chance to win is icing on the cake here...thank you for the mother's day bag too...VERY cute!

Wow, if this doesn't put you in the "Springtime" mood, I don't know what will! I love those soft vibrant colors, too. Vibrant pastels..??? You know what I mean Ü LUV 'EM! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

The stamp set is so beautiful and so are the projects. Love your papers, too! Thanks for sharing and giving us a chance to win.

I love ALL the projects! This would make an awesome Mother's Day gift to win. Ü

What an amazingly fab set -and the samples are to die for! Love the tissue box- very clever!

Those tissue box covers would make great gifts- my mom volunteers at a local nursing home and she's always looking for prizes for when they play trivia games- that would be the perfect room-brightener for an elderly person! :)

What great projects!!! And you're drawing the winner for this giveaway on my birthday! I would love to win this!

This set is so cute, and I love the tissue box covers. Thanks for the chance to win.

Spring is such a lovely time of year. I woke this morning to the sound of light rain falling and the birds singing their praises. What a fabulous way to wake up.
These projects are gorgeous!! I love this stamp set... lots of versatility... and I would be thrilled to win it. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

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