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Hmmm, I'm rapidly running out of days to give you sneak peeks, CHA will be here in a week! Annnnnd I leave in 4 days, yikes. So I'm going to try to show you half of the stamp sets today, and if all goes well, the rest tomorrow. Or the next day. :) After CHA I'll show you more samples... and some instruction videos.

WoW, I just discovered your blog ... and your stamps ... and I must say, I'm in love! Your designs are fabulous ... love your style!

Would love to add some of these beauties to my stamp collection ... and will, as soon as the budget can stand it!

I have to admit, I miss the 'teddy bear' stuff, but I LOVE the new stuff also. Could you have two different lines of products, the old cutesy teddy bear stuff, and the new designs? You know, in all your free time you could do it all, right???

It was nice to see the explanation of the change. I am one that really likes the bears from the past, but do like some of the new ones. At times, it is hard to keep up with the new changes, not just yours, but everyones. Change is what keeps our hobby interesting. Still wishing you were coming our way, it has been awhile since you were here in MN. Have a fun trip!

WOW, I love all of these new designs. I can't wait to see the rest of them!

WOWZERS!!! These are all so gorgeous! I'm not sure which one is my favorite! I love them all and will definitely be ordering some of them.

So VERY cool. The nativity scene is my favorite, thank you for sharing it with us. I will check with my local store to see if they are going to order it. If not, I will definitely be calling you! Gotta have it, and I love the frame you have it in. You are amazing!

Oh my gosh! That chair and chandelier are so COOL! I can think of a whole bunch of things I want to make with those. I love the new stamps and can't wait to see the rest of the sets. These are the best designs you've come up with EVER! Thanks for the peeks.

Hi Darcie. I just happened upon this blog when searching for something else, and am I ever glad I did!!! Congratulations on 25 years! What an awesome achievement. I love, love, love the new stamps, and your creations are absolutely stunning. I will definitely be back. Great blog....love it.

your sets are wonderful. I will be keeping my eye on your creations. thank you.

Oooohhh LOVE the new sets and the projects you made with them are gorgeous! Wow 25 years, that's wonderful! :)

Keep going in this direction--not that the old direction was bad either--but I love this new trend. The projects you create to show the use of your products is always stunning. Can't wait to see what's next.

First - congrats on the 25 years in the industry - WOW! Second, change is a good thing! Third - LOVE LOVE LOVE these stamps sets. That nativity is amazing. Love the new paper - especially the Victoriana - yum! Looking forward to more sneak peeks and

I'm loving this new direction you took, can't wait to see the rest of the sets when you post them. Soon! Soon!

OH!!!!MY!!!!!!GOD!!!!!!!!!!! Those are the most fabulous sets I have seen yet!!! I logged on awhile ago to see if you had any more sneak peeks yet, and decided to check one more time before I went to bed. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! You outdid yourself with this batch, these are absolutely amazing! Please, please, where can I buy them NOW? That nativity scene is gorgeous. OH, OH, OH! Hurry and show us the rest, how can you top those????? I don't think I'm gonna sleep a wink.

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