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I have loved Darcie's for years and I'm so glad to see you're still doing things. I make cards and your little boxes, etc. I think the kit would be fun. Is is still available?

You are amazing! So many ideas... Thank you for showing :-)

Love it! The pinwheels are fabulous! I have to get the scoop on this club........ :)

gorgeous projects! "liked" you on FB too!

This is a terrific set. I love the chance to win it. Incase I don't I will check it out at Stamp Asylum in Plano, Tx.
Thanks, Kathy Silvernail

I referred you to a bunch of my friends on Facebook herehttp://www.facebook.com/suziebutton
Figured it was better than just one friend!

I am following you on Twitter too! Tweet, Tweet!

I left a comment on your FB page too!

I tweeted here http://twitter.com/#!/SuzieButtons

I "liked" your business FB page!

What great sets! Inspiring!

The bird pinwheel is super cute! I really like everything in the kit. JIL

I just saw these projects in person at Scrapbook Central. They are gorgeous in person! Thanks for the chance to win.

Great projects u have here..thanks for sharing..also thanks for the chance

wow, this set is fantastic, i was glad to be able to see your stmps and projects in person at a stamp show in Oaks Pa, these pictures do not do the projects justice. they are so stinkin cute in person.

I really like the branches on those projects, I can see a lot of things I could make with those stamp sets. Very adorable!

What a great deal, and what a lot of stuff. I'm going to think on that one, seems like it would be a ton of fun. Thanks for the opportunity to win the stamp sets!

Love, love, love these stamps, the paper AND the projects!

My sister loves birds, I'm going to tell her about this.

Darcie, those are so stinking cute! I'm going to download that Darcie's Club form and take a look at it. It would be fun to have a source of new ideas, and I really like those projects. What a fantastic deal, all of that for the price! Hmmm.

I am loving those projects. I want to order one of those frames, I keep thinking I'm going to do it and then I forget. But now I HAVE to, that bird is adorable. I can't wait until your website is finished!! Thanks for the chance to win these sets, I would give them a good home. :)

I love the new projects, as usual! The pinwheels are so unique and amazing! Does your creativity ever stop???

Great stamp sets--I really like the bird. All the projects are fabulous.

Please sign me up! I "liked" you ages ago & I don't tweet, but I shared you on my FB page AND blogged about your awesome candy. Thanks for the opportunity, Darcie!

What a great kit. Would love to win!!

Can't wait to see the new website, hope it's done quick!

Whoa, those are some pretty cool projects. I LOVE, LOVE birds and would love to own these stamp sets. Can't wait to see all your new stuff at GLMM!

Amazing projects Darcie! Love that new set!

Hi Adele,
You can receive this shipment if you'd like, or you can wait for the next one. The next one will ship May 7th. If you want this one, please make a note of that when you send the form in. Thanks so much!

LOVE! I'm downloading that form right now, can I get this shipment or do I have to wait for the next one? When does the next one come out?

Wow, I'd love to own those stamps, I have so many ideas for them! Thank you, thank you for the chance to win. Going to head over to Twitter to tell my peeps about it.

Those are awesome sets! I actually live near Stamp Asylum, I'm going to head over there and check those out. Thank you so much for sharing, and showing us all that. Very, very nice!!

WOW! I love all of the projects you came up with! Thank you for sharing! Awesome stuff, girl!

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